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This is my first visit to your blog, found it thanks to OBN. Cool cicada post.
I just posted about the Brood XIX cicadas I recently observed while fly fishing in northwest AL. I live in Memphis, and strangely we don't have them here. Probably thanks to generations of intensive agriculture that churned them out of their subterranean refugia.
Check out my blog if you're interested: http://naturalistsangle.blogspot.com

Family Wilds

Thanks for checking us out, Jay. I'm about to head over to your site for a look around. We just started this a few weeks ago; it's been fun. Are you all staying safe with storms? About the cicadas, they are getting much louder since I posted this. There was a story about some Vandy audiologist who are warning about potential for hearing damage. http://news.vanderbilt.edu/2011/05/audiologist-measures-cicada-sound/ I think you have to be in the middle of them for a while though, but still, they are almost deafening sometimes.

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