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Erica Lineberry (Cragmama)

Cragbaby "trains" with us at the gym twice a week and then we climb outside most weekends. He has a harness but mostly uses it as a swing on overhanging routes. Like you, we are letting him set the pace, and trying our best not to push. Sometimes he wears it, other times he doesn't. Interestingly enough, he is always scrambling and climbing when we are outside at the crag, but tends to spend most of his gym time "socializing" and hanging out with the routesetters (he likes to walk around with the wrenches, "tightening" holds, as well as use the brushes to clean off the holds). Our training would be a lot more efficient if he wasn't there, but the family time is fun :)

parent toddler classes

This is really great that a little kid is showing interest in such activity. Nice pictures and post too.

Family Wilds

Erica, Thanks for sharing! We need to get climbing outside more. We'd love to find another family close by that we could do this with. I'm sure Cragbaby is super cute setting routes!

PTS, thanks for stopping by and commenting!


I had the same frustration when my son (age 5) started to climb and then promptly jumped off the holds about two feet up because he was scared he was going too high! We climb at our fitness club and thankfully with our little man being of the age he is they have a program where he can climb, learn to tie knots, be taught safety, and have loads of fun playing games while the wife and I workout.

This precedes the open climbing time and with their auto-belays he can climb and slowly descend as much as he wants. I've found that taking him out on hikes and letting him 'boulder' on whatever he finds (including climbing trees) has helped him to discover his love and natural child affinity to climbing whatever he can.

Great post, certainly loving your blog!

Family Wilds

Jayson, Thank you so much for commenting and for the kind words. We really appreciate it. We love watching our daughter climb rocks and things like that as we hike. I can only imagine it will be that much more when when she's bigger! Your fitness club sounds like a really great resource for you both. I do wish our climbing gym had more space for a kid's area, but I can certainly understand why they wouldn't as well. Although, they seem to be booked solid all weekend, every weekend with kid birthday parties. Thanks, again!


We've had to change our expectations on the kids climbing at the gym almost weekly. Honestly, the thing I have to do the most is set aside my desire for them to progress as climbers, and let them be kids, running and jumping on the mats. Here is an article we wrote about failing climbing moments, and getting back out of the hole we dug with our toddler!

Family Wilds

Alyssa, I agree, letting them just go and have fun is so important. We go with no expectations of climbing. She almost always does, but if she decides not too, we don;t make a big deal about it. She's only going to want to continue with it if she enjoys it! Nice post, too. Space, time, and room to explore is so important!


Hi - what type of climbing harness do you have for your toddler? We are on the lookout for one for our 2-year old but the ones we have seen are all too big. We've made them from webbing but would rather have something that is more comfortable for her.

Family Wilds

Hi Kim,

Thanks for reading and for asking this question! We use the Trango Junior. We conducted a great deal of research and this was the only one we could find that was recommended for kids our daughter's size. At the time we bought it, she was 21-months-old and in the 75th percentile for height and weight. It's pretty good, but we aren't huge fans of the leg loops. They can be a little hard to adjust. If you're planning on using it in a gym, you may just check to make sure they're cool with you using a harness with two loops that are connected at the chest (which the Trango does) as opposed to a single loop at the waist like many other full-body kid harnesses. There's a new harness that looks cool by Edelrid called the Fraggle. You may check into that one. We haven't tried it, but it looks to be user friendly and comfortable. Otherwise, we do like the Trango Junior for the time being. Let us know if you have other questions!


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