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I have experienced some of the same feeling. I used to budget time and money for one big guided climbing trip for me each year, but on my last few trips I just kept thinking about how much greater it would be to camp with my husband and girls in the area and show them things. I haven't calendared a solo trip in some time, now, and I think it is because my priorities are changing.

Family Wilds

Thanks for sharing, Toni! I know how you feel for sure. Nea and I used to both enjoy me going our of town for a few days on occasion, but not that we have our daughter in the mix we all would rather be together.


This is a great post. It's so true that the people you're with can add the finishing touches to an outdoor experience. Some of my favorite memories are of playing "Road Trippin" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers on the CD player as we cruised in our Jeep through the mountains with our little boy in the back. Thanks for sharing this!

Family Wilds

Thanks, and that sounds like a wonderful memory, Shawna. We're taking our little one on her first long road trip in a few weeks, which will take us up into the mountains. We're really looking forward to it!


Nice post! Very refreshing. I like to do canoe camping but also like walking with snow shoes during winter times in our beautiful forest in Quebec!

Family Wilds

Thanks, Valerie! We love to paddle and camp, too. We've never been snowshoeing, but would love to try it. There aren't usually opportunities for that in Nashville, TN :-)

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