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Michael D. Barton

Look forward to your posts! Here's one I did about nature in your own neighborhood:

Traci Lehman

Hi! I could not agree with you more. I love urban environments too and we take our kids to nature centers, preserves, parks, and gardens nearby when we can't escape to the wilderness. Just being outdoors and running free is important no matter where you are.


I love this idea for a series! We live in the Twin Cities, MN. We are blessed to live in a metro area that has many parks and natural areas. I look forward to reading more.

Family Wilds

Thanks, Michael, and thanks for the link! I really like that post :-)

Family Wilds

Traci, you're right on, as always. Thanks for reading and sharing the post today!

Family Wilds

TBC, it really is nice to live in a city that cares about, and maintains their parks system. Nashville does a great job of that, and I'm glad to hear the Twin Cities do, too!

River Mud

We live in Baltimore, a crumbling city of 750,000 people. While there are some legitimate safety concerns (e. coli in the water, syringes on playgrounds), a little "scouting ahead" makes for some amazing urban adventures in local parks.

The best advice I'd give other parents is to be aware of the actual risks in urban outdoor places, and plan accordingly.....
but don't avoid outdoor play because you "fear" it might be dirty or contaminated, but have no corroborating information to back that up.

Fiona @ Bosinver

I look forward to reading the series! I work in a farm setting in Cornwall, UK where we have self catering cottages. We're really keen on encouraging our guests to make the most of the outdoors, including running 'Wild Kids' adventure sessions in our woods. Many of the families who visit are from more urban settings, so it's great to be able to spread the word and give them inspiration on outdoor play in cities and suburbs.

Family Wilds

Words of wisdom, River Mud! Thanks for sharing your insight. Scouting ahead is a really helpful tip, as is being prepared instead of avoiding. Thanks!

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